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D.B. - "final result has been truly outstanding"

"Good morning Michael, 

Just to say a heartfelt thank you to you and your team.

They truly are an asset to the firm. From the first contact with David, who went out of his way to accommodate me and get the whole process started. I am extremely grateful that de Broglio took on my case, the final result has been truly outstanding. There were times I must admit when having to

travel to Johannesburg and surrounds to do the medico legal tests were a real pain in the BUTT. I am glad however that I did complete all of them even with my unreliable car known to us as the funny car.

To this end I feel  justified  and again extremely grateful for the result achieved. When the discovery notice arrived for my signature, and the affidavit I realised the magnitude of the task that was before you with all the preparation that was required.

Thank you David, Bronwyn Alexander, Shristi Ramgathi, you are few individuals that I had the pleasure of interacting with and it was Such a great pleasure. You took the time to ensure I was on the same page as you all without a hint of impatience (even when I was being dumb).

Michael, your team did you proud (always leave it to the professionals).


Kind regards,"


1 September 2020