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F.M. - "takes control of everything so professionally"

"Dear Michael,

Honestly speaking, it is pleasing to deal with the de Broglio Law Team. I am not saying this because of a decent settlement but because your Law Team takes control of everything so professionally that I have peace of mind.

In particular, Patrick Sedutla is a wonderful person to handle one’s RAF case: he kept me updated throughout in a respectful and polite manner; he does not talk unnecessarily but when he does decide to say something, you must know he talks a lot of sense.  

But having said that about Patrick, I must actually commend the entire Team from the drivers that pleasantly took me around to all essential destinations in accordance with the scheduled planned appointments to the medical  specialists that attended to my checkups, they were awesome and very truthful.

Your entire Law Team is truly untouchable when it comes to professionalism. I thank you, Patrick Sedutla and everyone else that played a wonderful part in resolving my case.

Keep up a great job for the benefit of all of us! Much appreciated!

Your client"


5 September 2020