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K.H. - "nothing short of Amazing"

"Good Morning de Broglio family of Attorneys,

Everyone that had a role however big or small, I hope I added everyone in, please if I have missed anyone, please do let them know and share our message of thanks with them. 

Zandelee if you can possibly please convey to Gerhard Strydom the Advocate as well, it will be greatly appreciated. 

Thinking back when it happened, the accident our son was in, that dramatically changed his life and the major impact it had on him and us as his parents and the rest of our family. We wanted him to survive and live, regardless of what the naked eye saw and what we heard, we wanted him to live. 

As parents we were so overwhelmed receiving questions and statements from people on what we need to do for our son's medical and future needs. I told my husband you need to seek out someone that can help, that really cares and provides the best possible assistance, that will solely have our son’s best interests at heart.

We received a list of names of potential groups and people from a respected doctor and even a family friend referral, however when my husband came with de Broglio Attorneys and gave me his findings, I felt in my heart it felt right and trusting and knowing God will do the rest was our belief. Yes it has been 3 years and 3 months since the accident took place and what a journey it has been for my son to have had to endure, 4 operations, treatment and recovery, specialist visits and assessments, it has not been easy for him and for us his parents. And yes, there is still a journey ahead to ensure his life is at his level best health, mentally, physically and emotionally and thanks to all of you with this settlement in his case this is now possible. In his words, "Everything can now be fixed, I am happy."

Thank you to each and everyone who took the time to ensure a positive outcome and result in the RAF case of our son and victory in this blessed settlement.

Thank you for explaining each and every step, keeping us informed via every method – email, SMS, phone calls and post as the months passed on. I would always say, we had no knowledge, guidance and experience to be able to know what to expect, we are only thankful that all individuals within the family team in de Broglio Attorneys, we would not want to make special mention of any name, we would prefer to say all, you have made us feel comfortable, confident we made the right decision and extremely grateful for all you have done and still going to do. 

We do understand, the last leg of this journey is ahead and due to Covid19 there are known statistical challenges, we are thankful to have received your assurance, that your role will still be to ensure we are taken care of and that follow ups will be done, that has already been evident throughout this process, your passion, commitment and service has been nothing short of Amazing.

A huge and heartfelt thank you, especially from my son, his mom and his dad, no gesture, word or step in this process and journey has gone unnoticed and may you all be blessed for being a blessing"


29 October 2020