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M.A. - "handled my case and me as if I was one of your family"

"Good Morning Micheal 

I trust that my email finds you well ? 

I wanted to share my feedback in regards to De Brolio and its staff , when handling my case. 

From the outset , as most people I am a person that had their life impacted by a car accident within the borders of South Africa. After realising that the accident had left me with emotional and physical injuries I decided to contact yourselves.  

My biggest reason was that I wanted to enquire if my case has any merits for your perspective. From the point of first contact , until the court decision on the 27th May 2021, your company , its employees and consultant handled my case and me as if I was one of your family that was injured.

I especially appreciate the care that was taken to inform me of each stage of the progress and what is expected next. This care that was taken was a great comfort to me as the anxiety disorder I am dealing with post the accident mask me high on uncertainty avoidance. With the attention to detail they show it makes me trust in them and the process . 

Thank you to you for establishing a company and culture that has established care and concern for individuals afflicted by injury This foundation that was built is clearly evident in all you do !

Kind Regards"


17 June 2021