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M.D.B. - "Thank you very much for the excellent service"

":Good day Michael,

I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank Shristi Ramgathi, as well as Advocate Erasmus for the outstanding way in which they dealt with my case.  Their services exceeded my expectations.  They even accompanied me with my send set of Medico Appointment by scheduling them all in one week.

As my trial date came closer, I was kept informed of all the information that I needed to know and they also had a MS Team consultation with me prior to the trail.

I’m also extremely grateful for the settlement that they were able to obtain for me. 

Thank you very much for the excellent service I received from your Law Firm since the inception of my case, which was in 2015.  It was at time difficult to be patient, but your bi-weekly e-mails kept me informed of the delays to be expected and the fact that I should remain patient.

I will forever be grateful to you Law Firm as I was very sceptical at the beginning when I first approached you.

May God bless you and your employees today and forever.



5 August 2021