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M - "I am truly very satisfied"

"Good morning Michael,

I am very satisfied with the whole process from beginning to end and I don't regret choosing De Broglio to represent my case.

The structure of communication throughout my case made it easy to understand and also prevented me from needing to ask too many unnecessary questions and hardly left me wondering “what's next?”, because I was always informed along the way.  

The main reason I chose De Broglio was after receiving so many requests out of the blue from attorneys right after my accident. I am not even sure how they managed to get my contact details made me do a little more research.

My main objective was to find a firm to settle my matter in the shortest turnaround time possible due to the nature of how some cases can drag on for 10 years apparently etc. I did a lot of research and I must say it's your marketing that catched my attention and doing a little more digging lead me to choose your firm even though it's not based in Cape Town after comparing it to others on the market. 

I am truly very satisfied and feel like at no point in time was any of the the staff I have liaised with throughout this process unprofessional. I found it so refreshing to working with De Broglio and the level of service compared to most basic government services, which require you to beg for service you pay for and in most cases hardly get or eventually someone decideds to do their job.

This has been an extremely traumatic experience for me, but the level of care and service has helped me cope through the process. I hope many companies would adopt De Broglio's business flow efficiency, it's most definitely a winning formula. 

The outcome of the case was not my priority, but the end is in sight and I can finally move on with my life.

Thank you for a very effective service your company rendered!

Kind regards"


5 August 2021