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N.M. - "I can still smile"

"Dear Sirs,

This is just to confirm that I have read the email. I love the last sentence that stresses more the importance of being patient. I assume it's the only way. Most of these legal processes take anytime that is not less than a year (9 months to 16), (12 months to 18 months).

They say "Good things come to those who wait". On my side, I've started to clip that in my mind while I'm still busy dealing with post MVA problems. This head of mine is hell. If there was a store where you could do an exchange of your head, no matter how expensive it was, I was going to exchange it. Yesterday, I was in the hospital, with severe headaches that had been attacking me since Thursday last. During the weekend, I was flat on bed as I was also vomiting and the medication was not helping at all. They gave me two injections.

Today, I'm feeling a little bit better but the entire skin of my scalp and the right side of my face are painful and my jaw is also affected. I can't chew properly.

Through everything that I go through daily, I can still smile. I don't want to lie. Dealing with the injuries this accident is so painful. Living with pains daily, living with a bag of painkillers and hospital/doctors is not fun but I'm doing what I can as I cannot change what happened. It’s a hard life.

Thanking you again."


15 September 2020