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V.H. - "so patient and extremely helpful"

"Good morning, 

I would like to thank the de Broglio team for their wonderful assistance with my case. The team is so patient and extremely helpful, I did not know where to start or what to do, but they helped me every step of the way.  From accommodation to flight bookings, travelling arrangements and Dr’s appointments. 

The de Broglio drivers I got to deal with were extremely friendly and patient (Kgotsowhat an amazing person/Thabo and Vincent), the staff that I dealt with (Angelique, Nikita, Terisa and Zandelee) was absolutely amazing, I am sure there must be a lot more that I didn’t mentioned but I would love to say thank you to the amazing team that made me feel comfortable and safe. Thank you for all the effort that each of you have put into my case.    



8 September 2020