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Bold Move Secures R4,313,852.46

updated: 03-Dec-20

de Broglio Attorneys are not intimidated by the Road Accident Fund (RAF) and fight for the rights of their clients when suing them for compensation. Their legal expertise puts their clients’ minds to rest knowing they are in the best legal hands possible. de Broglio Attorneys ensure their clients receive the finest results possible through their professional and specialist approach to suing the RAF.

One client who benefited profusely from using the legal giants de Broglio Attorneys is Tenique Wallace*. “We saw an ad on TV the one night and then decided to go through de Broglio. We gave them a call and they said I must go in for a consultation to see if they would take the case or not,” she said.

She explained to de Broglio Attorneys that she had been the driver of her vehicle travelling along a highway when she was rear-ended. She sustained a fractured pelvis, and had to undergo a hip replacement, and may other  serious injuries. The accident badly affected her working capacity and has been unable to work since the accident.

After consultation, de Broglio Attorneys decided to take on her case. Tenique was overjoyed and explained, “We went into their offices in Pretoria and we sat down for a consultation. They explained everything to us. We did some paper work, and they really explained step by step how it works. We left feeling secure about it.”

Tenique described de Broglio Attorneys, “Oh they are absolutely Brilliant! I mean de Broglio is just amazing! Brilliant with everything like keeping us up to date, with feedback, with getting back to me. With everything they’ve just been brilliant,  brilliant!”

Tenique and her legal team went to the South Gauteng High Court on the day of her trial but were unable to proceed on that day due to negligence on behalf of the RAF. Her advocate made a bold move and secured a another trial date for her for the very next day. She explained, “I was very happy with the settlement and very amazed that they got that amount. On the day of my case the RAF said they have no lawyer or advocate for their side. Luckily my advocate was so awesome he got a court date right the next day. The amount is really good and I’m really happy with the amount.”

“I would definitely recommend de Broglio to my family, friends or even to strangers. They made the whole process easy for us. Especially for someone who doesn’t understand the process. They are really amazing!” She continued, “I know people who haven’t gone through de Broglio and they are just struggling. And for me it’s just been an awesome process, they were there from the beginning, right through the process and even up until now they are still in contact with me.”

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.