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Celebrating R4,200,000.00 Settlement

updated: 15-Apr-20

de Broglio Attorneys assist their clients in turning times of hardship into celebrations. This prestigious law firm focuses on what they can do for their clients and on how they can make sure that their clients are compensated as fully as possible. They pursue justice for victims of motor vehicle accidents by suing the Road Accident Fund (RAF) on their behalf. This is the story of one such victim who was represented by de Broglio Attorneys in a claim against the RAF.

It was just another day in the life of Jabu Bengu* when an unexpected traumatic accident would alter his  life forever. After being hit by a vehicle while standing on the side of a road, Jabu sustained a severe head injury and multiple serious fractures and degloving injuries.

He decided to use de Broglio Attorneys to claim from the RAF, and what an excellent decision that turned out to be. Jabu explains, “I was in hospital after the accident, and a lot of people phoned my brother asking if they can do my RAF claim. There were a lot of lawyers phoning and phoning saying they want to do my claim but my brother insisted on using de Broglio Attorneys because he had seen the adverts on TV and knew they had a good name. He didn’t want me to use a small firm that would go bankrupt in six months and wouldn’t be able to pay for my medical appointments.”

Jabu continued, “they are very brilliant and they helped me a lot. I dealt mostly with Tersia and Nikita who helped me a lot. They were very helpful. I can just thank them for everything they did for me. They helped me a lot. I will recommend de Broglio for anyone. I’m not like a huge fan of complimenting others but they really helped me a lot.”

de Broglio Attorneys are dedicated to exceed their clients’ expectations and invest heavily in ensuring processes, procedures and updates are smooth sailing. Jabu testified of this, “I always phoned them and they would always answer and with everything they were so helpful and the whole de Broglio team, from the lawyers to the team who set up the doctors’ appointments, were helpful. I never had a problem to get to my appointments because of the drivers they sent and they were always on time. They are a professional team.”

Two years after his accident his claim was settled in the South Gauteng High Court for the fantastic amount of R4,200,000.00. Jabu exclaimed, “I am very happy with my settlement! I have heard from different places and I’ve spoken with different people and these cases normally take many years. My case was done in just over 2 years, if de Broglio hadn’t done their job properly that wouldn’t have been possible. I cannot say a bad word about them, nothing, nothing, nothing. I thank all of them, there are probably people I don’t know who worked on my case behind the scenes and I thank them as well.”

de Broglio Attorneys know what they are doing, let them assist you with advice on a RAF claim by phoning them on 011-446 4200 today.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.