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De Broglio Doubles 1st Offer with R2,897,979.00

updated: 16-Oct-18

The Road Accident Fund (RAF) often under offers claimants for the compensation for their injuries. de Broglio Attorneys know this because they are experts in suing the RAF and they often double and even triple the amount that the RAF wants the claimant to accept. This is exactly what they did for one of their clients when they settled his claim for double the amount that the RAF offered him.  

In 2012, Jacques Kotzer* was a motorcyclist when he was hit from behind by another vehicle. He sustained multiple fractures leaving him with one leg shorter than the other and limited use of his one hand.  

Initially he used Ronald Bobroff & Partners to assist him with a claim against the RAF but moved his claim to de Broglio Attorneys. Jacques explained, “I heard about de Broglio Attorneys through a friend and I saw their various T.V. adverts. I was first with Ronald Bobroff & Partners but when it was leaked about them and when the whole thing happened I had the chance to go to another law firm and I chose de Broglio.” 

Jacques only had positive feedback regarding de Broglio Attorneys. He said, “They are very professional and I can really compare especially since I was with Bobroff. With de Broglio Attorneys  I never had to ask about feedback, I was always in the know about everything involving my case, they were very, very professional and they were very quick with responses. I still want to send an email to tell them how I feel I just haven’t got to them yet. I want to thank everybody.” 

“I had bad experiences with Bobroff and attorneys where I always had to phone them and ask them what is going on with my case and then I wouldn’t hear from them for a year. So I was very happy with everyone I dealt with at de Broglio Attorneys. de Broglio was very professional.” 

Jacques’s claim was settled in the North Gauteng High Court for the wonderful figure of R2,897,979.00. He was ecstatic! He exclaimed, “The amount my claim was settled for was really good! The fund was offering me half that amount. When I was told what the fund thought to offer me and what we eventually got out it was almost twice the amount!” 

de Broglio Attorneys delivered on their promises to Jacques and he advised that he will always recommend them to his friends and family, “I will recommend them 100%. I actually referred a friend not too long ago.” 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

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