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De Broglio Inc Attorneys increases RAF claim by 95 % for motorcyclist

updated: 04-Nov-12

De Broglio Inc Attorneys have learnt through years of experience that one cannot accept the first offer from the Road Accident Fund. It is a common occurrence that the RAF under offer in an attempt to settle a claim quickly, but once a claimant has accepted this initial offer, they cannot claim again. De Broglio Inc Attorneys have in many cases increased claims to more than double the initial offer, as was the case for Hennie le Roux.

Hennie was the driver of a motorcycle when another vehicle executed a right hand turn in front of him whilst he had right of way travelling on a through road. Hennie was taken to the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital after the accident.
Hennie sustained multiple fractures and contusions as a result of the accident. He sustained the following injuries: a soft tissue injury to the cervical spine; a fracture of his T5; a fracture of the left scaphoid bone in his wrist; a contusion to the scrotum; and a contusion to the anterior chest wall.
De Broglio Inc Attorneys ensured they took into consideration all the aspects of Hennie’s life that had been affected as a result of his injuries, including his work and earning capacity.
At the time of the accident, Hennie had been employed as a Service Foreman in the automotive industry for one year. Following the accident he stayed off work for a period of two months to recover. Ultimately, he was unable to return to his pre-accident occupation.
A few months later he secured a position as an Automotive Inspector, a level done from his pre-accident occupation. The nature of his work is strenuous and physically demanding, and his workload is great as he has to check on average one hundred and thirty vehicles and trailers per day. He also does minor repairs to the motor vehicles, if necessary.
At present he copes with his work with a considerable amount of difficulty and pain because of his injuries. De Broglio Inc Attorneys incorporated this pain and suffering, his general damages, his medical expenses, past loss of income and future loss of income into his RAF claim.
Initially the Road Accident Fund made an offer of 75 % on merits and R 35 000.00 on quantum. De Broglio Inc Attorneys fought this and increased the merits settlement to 80 % and the quantum by 95 % settling the claim at an amount of R696 000.00.
Another outstanding Road Accident Fund claim by de Broglio Inc Attorneys.
*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality

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