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Severe Head Injury Settlement of R4,926,000.00

updated: 12-Mar-17

Having the legal assistance of de Broglio Attorneys Inc. is pivotal in achieving success when making a claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF). They are the leaders in this field of law and bring with them decades of experience, knowledge and excellent results. The RAF often try to under settle claims and having an expert law firm like de Broglio Attorneys Inc. on your case will mean that you will not fall victim to such under settlement. 

Susan Dreyer* had been a passenger in a motor vehicle when she was involved in a serious accident. She sustained a serious head injury and lost one of her children in the accident. After months of recovery she contacted de Broglio Attorneys Inc. to handle her RAF claim for her. 

She was very pleased with how her RAF claim was handled by de Broglio Attorneys Inc. and commented, “My husband had done a claim before with de Broglio and he referred me to you. I’m very happy with the services you guys gave. You guys are always professional and always considerate.”

Finally her day of trial arrived and as usual the RAF offered a significantly low amount on her matter. Luckily, she had her attorney on her side who was able to increase the offer and obtain proper compensation for her. Her attorney said, “The parties were in agreement for the general damages of this matter but we were on different pages for the loss of income. The defendants wanted to settle the loss of income at R1,223,684.00 but we managed to increase this and we ended up settling it for R3,826,000.00.”

Susan was thrilled with her settlement. She exclaimed, “Well I didn’t expect it to be that much! I am very happy with the settlement you guys got for me. I didn’t actually expect it.”

Michael de Broglio was very proud of the settlement obtained in this client’s case and said, “Approaching the Road Accident Fund directly is extremely dangerous, it often leads to under-settled cases, and the result we achieved in this case is a perfect example as to why you need a professional firm of attorneys on your side.” 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.