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Sleeping Passenger gets R1, 990, 512.00 from the Road Accident Fund

updated: 15-May-15

Suing the Road Accident Fund can be a laborious and high risk activity which is why you need specialists like de Broglio Inc to do the claim for you. With over 2o years of experience in this field of law, de Broglio Inc have accumulated a specific set of skills and a multitude of knowledge making them a powerhouse in personal injury claims in South Africa.

Louis van Staden* had been asleep in the back of the car when the accident occurred and some may say he was lucky to have no memory of the horrific accident. Apparently a truck which had been travelling along the freeway in the opposite direction to them drove over into their lane and collided with the vehicle he had been travelling in and then they were hit again by another truck.

He was airlifted to hospital where he was treated for his injuries. He cracked his skull in two places, broke his jaw in 3 places and had a torn ear drum.

Sadly, both of Louis’s parents died in the car accident. A real tragedy, more than most people would be able to bear.

Louis was lost in a cloud of sadness and loss after the accident. He didn’t know where to turn. He approached de Broglio Inc after hearing about them through a friend. The law firm took him under their wing and processed his RAF claim for him.

De Broglio Inc sent him to over 12 medico legal expert consultations who assessed him and provided vital evidence for his court case against the RAF.

They settled his claim in the North Gauteng High Court for a victorious amount of R1, 990, 512.00

Louis was very happy with the settlement and told us, “From de Broglio’s side they helped me a lot, the RAF took some time, so it was definitely worthwhile to have them help me. I’m very happy with the settlement. I’m working in the diamond industry now so hopefully I won’t be in anymore accidents”.

When asked what he would say to others who had been involved in a motor vehicle accident he said, “I would make de Broglio my first choice because I actually went to other lawyer who said I don’t have a case, and obviously I did have a case because when I went to de Broglio they told me I did. The other lawyers said I had no case and de Broglio did it for me”.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality

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