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Success at Court in R807,055.00 Award

updated: 21-Mar-17

De Broglio Attorneys Inc. are a specialized law firm with expertize in suing the Road Accident Fund (RAF). If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident for which you are not to blame, you should contact de Broglio Attorneys Inc. for advice on how to proceed with a RAF claim. They have been making claims against the RAF for over 2 decades and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in this line of work making them a impressive force in settling these claims for their clients. 

Young Simon Jansen van Vuuren* was involved in a motorcycle accident where he broke his ankle and suffered ligament damage. The accident occurred when a motor vehicle skipped a stop street directly in front of him. There was nothing he could do to avoid the accident.

He wanted to claim from the RAF and contacted de Broglio Attorneys Inc. for assistance with a claim. He said, “I heard about de Broglio Attorneys from a family member. I sent them an email on a weekend and they contacted me the following day and I went in for a consultation.”

Simon was very impressed with the service he received from de Broglio Attorneys Inc. throughout the duration of his claim. “Everything was proper. Everything was done professionally. Everything went smoothly. It went well,” he said.

At court on the day of his trial, the RAF tried to under settle his claim. Thankfully his legal team from de Broglio Attorneys Inc. were on the ball and would not let their client be jeopardised. 

Simon’s attorney from de Broglio Attorneys Inc. explained as follows, “A verbal offer was made at court on the trial date of 90/10 for the merits, R365,000.00 for loss of earnings and R58,669.19 for the past medical expenses. We were able to increase this offer at court on the trial date to a concession, in other words the merits were 100% in our client’s favour, and loss of earnings was increased from R365,000.00 to R748,386.10.”

What a magnificent achievement in almost doubling the loss of income claim for Simon and ensuring he was found to be 100% innocent in his accident. De Broglio Attorneys Inc. managed to settle his claim successfully in the North Gauteng High Court for a terrific total of R807,055.00.

Simon was happy with the results and acknowledged that without his attorney from de Broglio Attorneys Inc., he would never have been able to even settle his claim. “I don’t think I would have gotten anything if I didn’t have an attorney helping me,” he commented.

Michael de Broglio added, “A case like this illustrates why you would not want the Road Accident Fund handling your case themselves, just as you would not want to attend to your own brain surgery!”

It is crucial to get legal assistance for your RAF claim. Phone de Broglio Attorneys Inc. today on 0114464255 for advice on your possible claim against the RAF.

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.