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Terrific R1,246,760.00 Win for Injured Client

updated: 21-Feb-17

De Broglio Attorneys Inc. is a specialist personal injury law firm with over 22 years experience in suing the Road Accident Fund (RAF). They have helped thousands of people secure compensation for injuries and losses they have suffered as a result of being victims in motor vehicle accidents. The expert law firm has an abundance of experience and knowledge in this field of law and offer their clients the absolute best service and results available in the country.

In a recent victory, Annabelle de Klerk* was one such client who benefited from having the elite legal team of de Broglio Attorneys Inc. of her side when they settled her claim for the outstanding amount of R1,246,760.00.   

“I looked for a legal firm on the internet and I saw de Broglio and went through what all the different people had said and who had left comments and what they thought and that’s why I went to you”, she said. She further commented, “I was with other attorneys in Ladysmith in Kwa-Zulu Natal and after 2 years they had done absolutely nothing so I had to find another attorney quickly. That is when I found de Broglio’s.”

Annabelle’s case is one of hundreds where de Broglio Attorneys Inc. have terminated the mandate of a previous attorney and taken over the reigns of the RAF claim riding it to successful settlement where the previous attorney had failed dismally to do so. Annabelle said, “My experience with de Broglio Attorneys was totally, totally different. In about the first 2 or 3 months, de Broglio’s had done more in those 2 or 3 months than the other attorney had done in 2 years!! Especially in requesting medical records, requesting accident reports and all of the paperwork. The other attorney hadn’t asked for any paperwork in 2 years!”

De Broglio Attorneys Inc. ensure that their clients always receive top service and results and often clients of previous attorneys are shocked once they experience the true professionalism of how a law firm should be acting for a client. Annabelle said, “With de Broglio it was easy going, it is just a case of you have to wait and that is not de Broglio’s fault, it’s a fault of the legal system.”

Luckily Annabelle approached de Broglio Attorneys Inc. who managed to successfully settle her claim because her life had changed drastically since the accident and she deserved compensation which other attorneys could not get for her. She reported that she had suffered serious injuries and losses since the accident and was ecstatic with the settlement de Broglio Attorneys Inc. had managed to obtain for her, “I broke my pelvis in 4 places and smashed my right hip and smashed my left ankle. I’ve never gone back to work because I can’t drive myself and I haven’t yet replaced my vehicle because I have to still find a car that can be modified and my injuries don’t allow me to sit still to do anything.”

This is why de Broglio Attorneys Inc. continue to dedicate their efforts to helping their clients because we truly care about our clients and we take great pride in our work and results and will continue to offer the unsurpassed service and results for all of our clients going forward. 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality. 

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.