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Traumatised crash victim gets R2.1-million from RAF

updated: 07-Jun-10

From being a motivated, sporty young man, Robert Visser’s* life spiralled into violence, aggression and hopelessness following a catastrophic car accident. But thanks to de Broglio Inc, his Road Accident Fund settlement of R2.1-million will help him reshape his future.

This Johannesburg resident was only 23 when he was involved in a crash that would change his life. He was driving on the Golden Highway on the evening of 13 April 2007 when a bus failed to halt at a stop street and crossed onto the highway – colliding with his bakkie.

He sustained a severe head injury in the crash, as well as injuries to his chest, back and neck. He lost consciousness during the accident and has no recollection of it, and still suffers from mild semi-paralysis on one side of his body.
The permanent neuropsychological effects of the accident have led to Robert being moved from his position as driver and technician for a vending company, into another job at the company.
De Broglio Inc’s medical experts found that he had become prone to extreme violence – to such an extent that he frequently has to attend anger-management classes, which provide only temporary relief from his fits of aggression. In addition, he is forgetful, battles to concentrate, stutters and complains of continued headaches, decreased appetite and fatigue.
This former rugby captain can no longer participate in sport, nor can he indulge in his other part-time passion, DJing.
With his life in tatters and experts testifying that he will be virtually unemployable should he lose his current job, Robert’s outlook was bleak. Fortunately, following a trial in the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, Judge Brian Spilg ordered that the RAF pay him R2.147-million, after a 20% apportionment and Workmen’s Compensation had been deducted.
The judge noted during the trial that what the case all the more poignant was that the plaintiff had insight into the severity of his problems and was fully aware of how his personality had changed due to the accident – but was powerless to do much about it. This realisation, in turn, has led to added frustration on the part of this young man whose prospects were bright prior to the accident.
However, the R2-million settlement, plus an undertaking to pay for 80% of his future medical expenses, will help Robert to make peace with his situation and attempt to build a long-term future with his current partner, who has stood by him throughout his ordeal despite his mood swings and increasingly unpredictable nature.
*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality

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