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Young Passenger Claims R4,891,535.78

updated: 03-Nov-20

de Broglio Attorneys recently provided a light at the end of the tunnel for a child who had been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident when they settled his claim against the Road Accident Fund (RAF) for a substantial amount. de Broglio Attorneys are notorious for being the top law firm when it comes to RAF claims and their excellent settlement amounts testify to that.

Angus Potgieter* mandated de Broglio Attorneys to claim from the RAF on behalf of his minor son Brian* who had had been a passenger when one of the tyres of the vehicle he was travelling in burst, causing the driver to lose control and the vehicle to roll. He suffered various serious injuries as a result of the accident.

Angus decided to use de Broglio Attorneys for his son’s claim after he read all the great things clients had to say on the de Broglio Attorneys website. He explained, “I saw a TV advert and then I Googled them. I saw the testimonies on the website and then I decided to contact them. The attorney came to my office which made it easier for me.”

“Their contact with you is 100%. They are flexible, if you need to reschedule appointments they do that. They also offer you transport if you don’t have. They are flexible in terms of time because if you can’t make an appointment because of other commitments they would reschedule the doctor’s appointment for you,” continued Angus.

Angus was impressed with the service and support he received from de Broglio Attorneys and the medical experts that they send their clients to, “The people who worked with us were so professional. And I was impressed with the medical experts, they were so professional,” he said.

Brian’s case was settled in full for the total of R4,891,535.78 in only two years . This surprised Angus as he expected the case to drag on for years as he had heard so. He explained, “I was impressed with how quickly the case was sorted out. Some people told me it was going to take five years but our claim only took 2 years and the money will be put in a trust.”

Angus highly recommends de Broglio Attorneys and said, “I will give anyone in an accident Michael’s business card and tell them to contact this guy and get it sorted. I didn’t even have to go back to Polokwane to collect the docket. De Broglio did it for me. Once I signed up in the first place they did everything for me.”

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.

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